International Messaging
Wholesale SMS Termination

Deliver SMS marketing messages, alerts, notifications and OTP codes directly to
operators globally with our products

Our Products

We use top Tier-1 Connectivity, thus assuring excellent quality of transmission.
We offer 4 products that provide specific quality, features and pricing to maximize your ROI.


Direct hop 0 and hop 1 connectivity, at highest rate of delivery, using tier 1 partners and operators.


Direct hop 0 and 1 connectivity, with a special price for maximization of profit. Specific features per country as per the operators’ regulations.


Direct and high-quality routes, using top tier 2 and 3 aggregators, that provide a good quality of delivery as per the requested features and prices.


We offer budget and high-quality numeric routes, depending on destination and content request.

Why Choose Yuboto



With Tier-1 Carriers and 100+ connections to Mobile Operators we offer you global coverage

Quality and Speed

High SMS throughput and reliable termination

SMS Types

All types of SMS are supported – Unicode and multipart messages

Viber for Business

Apart from SMS, we provide also Viber Business Messages as certified partners of Viber Rakuten


API is available for easy integration in any environment

SMPP Connectivity

Connect using SMPP v3.4

Our Advantages

Global coverage with 1.400+ networks worldwide
Transparent per SMS charging
Real time online Delivery Reports
SS7 Routes
Competitive wholesale pricing
Alphanumeric Sender IDs

White Label Enterprise Messaging Platform

Enter the fast growing enterprise messaging market with your own Omnichannel Messaging Platform.

Acquire a complete and robust mobile marketing platform and expand your business offering by monetizing some of the most established and profitable mobile communication channels. Focus on the marketing and sales, while we take care of all the technical stuff.

Reasons to invest in our Platform
  • Fully customized platform
  • Low initial investment
  • You add to your portfolio services with significant added value
  • You set your own pricing
  • Safe, reliable and awarded platform
  • Robust API for seamless integrations