2 International Awards & 1 Distinction for Yuboto at Global Awards by Carrier Community in Berlin!

2 International Awards & 1 Distinction for Yuboto at Global Awards by Carrier Community in Berlin!

One Award in not enough… for Yuboto

Yuboto is proudly and Back2Back the Funkiest Telecoms Provider adopting the most creative marketing strategy, and at the same time provides the Best Customer Experience in the world!

Yuboto shined, once more and worldwide, at Global Awards the internationally acclaimed event held by Carrier Community, where the best Telecom Companies are recognized and awarded. In particular, Yuboto won for the second year in a row the award “The Funkiest Operator”, and also the prestigious award “Customer Experience Excellence”. Additionally, Octapush, the newest Omni – Messaging Platform we developed was shortlisted in the “Best SMS Platform” Category taking the 2nd place.

As “The Funkiest Operator” is awarded the company which creates and implements the most inspiring, creative and effective marketing campaigns. “Customer Experience Excellence” is awarded to the operator providing the highest, top tier Customer Experience and Customer Service.

These 2 Awards gain a lot more significance if we take under consideration the reputation and status of the competition. Yuboto achieved a major accomplishment by competing and standing out among the leading multinational companies and organizations such as: Rakuten Viber, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, PCCW Global, HORISEN, Lanck Telecom.

Mr. Andreas Constantinides, Commercial Director of Yuboto, stated: “This double award, and especially the recognition of our creative and innovative marketing approach/strategy for the 2nd consecutive year, is the greatest and most important reward of the efforts of all our people and the company’s vision. This moment, we feel truly proud and gratified because an international institution with such global influence recognizes our unique and innovative marketing strategy, as well as our continuous commitment to deliver great customer experience. Last but not least, I have to mention that Octapush, the new Omni Messaging Platform we recently released, took the 2nd place in the Best SMS Platform Category. This fact alone, confirms once again that Yuboto develops and provides cutting edge technology and state of the art services.”